My mission as an artist is to share the soothing, peaceful exhilaration that is experienced through DISCOVERY, driven by the pursuit of educating one's self in the subjects of beauty, community, philosophy, and health. Seeking out and discovering the best version of myself and working towards a life of honoring my interests and potential. These ideas are translated through my art works, taking on the physical attributes of sepia and jewel tones, with a vintage feel. Some of my pieces can be compared to the detailed sketches and notes that could be found in a botanist's field journal made hundreds of years ago, while other pieces are focused on lively images and colorful movement. My work is diverse and this reflects my need to have new experiences frequently in order to maintain a momentum and drive in my work.

My background is as a self-taught, professional artist based on Catalina Island in the city of Avalon, California. I have pursued my art through coordinating, consulting and creating in fine arts- public art, private commissions as well as community art education programs.

Catalina Island is an inspiring home, and having lived here sixteen years, I'm happy to say that I plan on staying. Having the support of many of the local residents, I have consistently been given the opportunity to be an ambassador for Catalina Island in collaboration with various businesses and non-profit groups as well as working on private projects with individual art collectors.

My murals and fine art can be found locally and internationally at private residence, restaurants and hotels throughout the city of Avalon. Murals include the local sea life, plant life, history, and are often nautically themed. As a consultant for the local Friends of the Library, I've instructed annual summer art classes for students of all ages with the classes available at no cost to students. In the Santa Catalina Island Conservancy, I've consulted and designed educational murals based on local historic figures, and based on the local flora and fauna that the Conservancy strives to maintain on the island. I've loved showcasing my work in the local Annual Catalina Art Festival over the past ten years with numerous awards throughout the years varying from 1st place in Painting in 2015 to 1st place in Jewelry design 2013 and others.

You can find out more about what I do and why I do it at my FACEBOOK page.